Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Niko Doughski experienced at a very young age what many will never truly encounter in their entire lives…desperation. Niko and his family first immigrated to Austria before finally immigrating to Canada in the early 90’s. Niko grew up in whats now known as the “Golden Era of Hip-Hop”, listening to Rappers such as Tupac Shakur & Biggie Smalls, at the age of 14, Niko left home to live in Toronto. It was there that he was old enough to grasp what was truly going on around him; Sex, Drugs, and Violence all revolving around one thing…Money. Niko would eventually move to the Nations Capital, “Ottawa” having already seen the power associated with money, he had decided to get it by any means necessary. Throughout various run-ins with the law and years of hustling on the streets, Niko was consumed by a new hunger…Hip-Hop.

Starting at the bottom of the rap food chain, Niko has made it his mission to become the best by rigorously developing his flow, confident delivery and unmistakeable swagg on the mic. With his first explosive mixtape release “Makin’ that Doughski” (2008),  Niko has consistently kept the music flowing with the releases of “Gramz Into Grandz vol.1” (2009), “Gramz Into Grandz vol.2” (2011), “Doughski Towers” (2012), “Doughski” (2013) and “Kings Amongst Pawns” (2014), the streets continue to talk about Niko Doughski and all the accomplishments he’s already made. Niko has worked with many artists and producers from North America, and Europe. During his come up as an artist, Niko has collaborated with Max B. (Gain Greene), K-Koke (USG/Roc Nation), Hell Rell (The Diplomats)Papoose, Chinx Drugz (Riot Squad/Coke Boys), Money Marlo (Riot Squad)Magnum 357, Show Stephens, Jenna G. and many more.

Niko Doughski is not only a rapper but strives to be a successful Entrepreneur in many different business ventures.  Niko started his own independent record label,“Makin’ that Doughski Music Group” (2011).  He would then follow up by starting his own video production, photography and film directing company, “Doughski Films” (2012) as a subsidiary company under his independent record label “Makin’ that Doughski Music Group” . He would not stop there however, Niko would continue to market his brand and continue to expand and build by starting his own website “” (2012) which showcases all of Niko’s music, videos and any new updates as well as the best hip-hop videos and mixtapes by other artists from around the world, and hoping to thrive by not posting anything and everything like other websites do but by elimating all of the music that does not meet the required level and by selecting only the best of the best music to promote by adapting the famous phrase “Quality Over Quanity”. Niko hopes to capture an audience that enjoys the finer things in life to represent and relate to the website name and brand “Doughski” meaning money, represents street currency originating from European slang however, the word Is growing at a fast rate worldwide. He was given the nickname by the streets during the early days of when he started to hustle. Niko would refer to himself as” Jon Dough” as a street alias cops would often use to name someone whos idenity is not known. However, after making a quick impact in the streets with his ability to get money at a fast rate with nothing but determanation in his heart to get it and to make his dreams come true, Niko couldn’t avoid just being someone who could blend in and not be noticed, the streets decided to give him his own nickname and call him “Dough-ski” by adding the “ski” which is very common amongst some european last names to the “dough” finally giving him his own idenity distinguishing him from others.